Account balance refund

If you don't think you will use your account balance and wish to have it refunded, you can do so in the app within 60 days of purchase. 

Please make sure your app is updated to the most recent version of the app and follow the instructions below:

Step 1

Navigate to the “Payment” section of the Bird app

Step 2

Select “Refund account balance”. NOTE: If you do not have a positive balance, the “Refund account balance” button will not appear

Step 3

You will then be prompted with a screen that tells you how much you will be refunded

Step 4

If a refund is available, click “request a refund”

If you select a plan with a bonus, the bonus is non refundable. Please note, it will expire in 2 years unless otherwise provided by local regulations. Please do not file a dispute with your bank or PayPal while we are working out if you qualify for credits or refunds. A transaction that you disputed can not be refunded by us anymore. 

If you do not see the “Refund Account Balance” button in your app, please reach out to support by clicking the 'Submit a request/issue' link below and fill out the form related to your issue.

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