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Preauth / Preload Receipt

After you unlock a vehicle, to ensure your payment method (e.g. credit card or PayPal) is valid, Bird may charge a security pre-authorization to the account on file. You will receive an email receipt documenting this transaction to the email on file. For more information on pre authorization please navigate to our help center article here

When you preload money onto your Bird balance, you will receive an email receipt documenting that transaction. For more information on preload please navigate to our help center article here.

Ride Receipt

At the end of each ride, you will receive a receipt sent to the email associated with your Bird account. This receipt will show the charges associated with each ride. If you did not receive a receipt to your email, please check the settings tab of your app to confirm the email where the receipts will be sent. To find more information about your rides, you can navigate to the "Ride History" tab of your Bird app. 

Failed Payment

In the case where Bird attempts to charge your payment method and fails, you will receive an email receipt. To resolve this issue, please update your payment method in the app. 

Taxes and Discounts

In the email receipt, you will see any taxes and discounts applied to your ride. 

For VAT, please be aware that the local VAT rate is included in the final price of the ride listed in the receipt. 


Please note that if you have an existing balance in one currency, that does not currently translate to another currency and you will be charged to your default payment method. 

Compliance Fees

Compliance Fees helps pay for certain city-imposed fees and additional costs related to maintaining fleet compliance with regulatory, legal, and other requirements.

Start Fee (Unlock fee)
Markets that have minutes included in ride start are added in the "Start Fee" price breakdown of your end of Ride Receipt. These start minutes will also be excluded from your "Ride Charge" price break down.


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