Flyer Pro Tips

Want Better Gas Mileage?

Make sure that your car’s tires are properly inflated. Getting better gas mileage reduces your carbon footprint. And as a result, you could save up to 700 lbs (300 kilograms) of CO2 per year.

Use Your Power Wisely

Did you know that electronics still use power even when they’re turned off? Luckily, there’s no need to unplug your favorite appliances everyday. Just use a smart power strip to cut back on wasteful standby power.

Travel the Earth in Harmony

Did you know that 45% of all car trips are under three miles (five kilometers)? This week, challenge yourself to leave your car at home for one trip, and take a scooter, bike, or public transit instead.

Shine Bright With a Fraction of Energy

Recycle traditional bulbs, and opt for LED bulbs instead (they use 85% less energy). If you want to save even more energy, turn off lights, and unplug outlets every time you leave a room.

Drive Like an Eco-Friendly Pro

Driving habits have a direct impact on a car’s miles per gallon. You could save a lot of CO2 by accelerating slowly, driving the speed limit, and anticipating stops and starts.

Full Power

Before releasing vehicles, ensure they are charged to 100% under My Tasks in the menu of your app.

Green Means Go

When charging vehicles, is your power supply light green? That means your vehicle is fully charged. Still red? That vehicle needs more time, so leave it plugged in until it’s green.

Right on Time

You can check the release times for your vehicles in your app under My Tasks. Make sure to release on time to level up.

Don't Hold Vehicles For Too Long

Vehicles should be released by the listed due time unless you've received a message from us asking you to hold onto them.






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