Understanding Authorization Holds & Charges

When using the Bird app for your rides, you may receive notifications from your bank regarding two types of transactions: temporary authorization holds and actual charges. 

Temporary authorization holds are like temporary freezes on your funds. They serve to verify your payment method and ensure you have enough money for your intended ride. They don’t deduct any money from your account but may temporarily reduce your available balance. These holds may be adjusted or increased based on the duration of your ride, so you might see multiple holds on your statement.

On the other hand, actual charges occur when your ride is completed, and the money is deducted from your account to cover the cost. These charges reflect the total amount for your rides and any automatic reloads.

Sometimes, the amount you owe for rides and reloads is lower than the temporary authorization holds. In such cases, the final charge(s) will be adjusted accordingly, and any extra funds will be released back to you.

However, if the owed amount exceeds the temporary holds, the final charge(s) may be increased, or a separate temporary hold and charge might be created to cover the remaining balance.

It’s important to note that the timing of adjustments and updates in your account, as well as the specific policies of your bank, can vary. It’s best to refer to your bank directly for accurate information about their policy on authorization holds.


Why do I have multiple temporary authorization holds or charges for the same ride?

This may happen if the amount owed is higher than the original temporary authorization hold amount. This generally happens as a result of longer rides or group rides.

In addition, your bank may have rules that dictate whether this shows as a single or multiple items on your statement.

When will the temporary authorization holds on my bank statement be removed?

Most banks remove them within 7 - 10 business days. For additional information on your bank’s policy on authorization holds or timelines, we recommend you contact your bank directly.

Why is the temporary authorization hold amount on my statement higher than the amount I spent?

Temporary authorization holds are intended to verify your payment method and ensure you have enough money for your intended ride. We don’t know how long you’ll ride or what your final ride cost will be, so we have to estimate and adjust along the way. As a result, it’s possible that the temporary authorization hold amount is higher than the amount that you spent. 

You’ll only be charged the correct amount, and any extra unused authorization hold amount will be released and refunded to your payment method.

How can I tell the difference between an authorization charge and an actual charge?

You can check your banking statement. That temporary authorization hold should typically show as a pending transaction, while an actual charge will be a finalized or posted transaction. 

In addition, contacting your bank can provide further clarification on a transaction.

How do I see my actual charges?

Please visit the "Ride History" area in the Bird app to see how much you’ll be charged.

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