I need to delete my account

How to delete your account


To delete your Bird account, you will need to provide the below information via our support form. In order to contact support, select the button at the bottom of the article titled 'Submit a request / issue'.

1. The last 4 digits of your card on file
2. The email address associated with your Bird account
3. Reason for deleting your account

Once you send over the required information we will delete your account and refund your remaining balance if applicable. For more information on the terms of account balance refunds, please review our help center article "Account balance refund".


To delete your account, you will need to navigate to the settings tab of your app. At the bottom of the settings tab you will see “Delete Account.” Please note that this action is final and we cannot restore your account after deletion. As stated in the app, once you delete your account you will not be able to login, ride, or otherwise access any outstanding balance on this account.

If you decide you would like to ride with us again after your account is deleted, you can simply create a new account on the home screen of the Bird app.

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