I've found a Bird on someone's property

We are aware that Birds can sometimes be found in inaccessible places or places where they should not be.

If you run into something we should know about, such as an uncaptured Bird being held within a private residence... Select the suspicious Bird, navigate to ‘More Options,’ and select Report. Give us a detailed description as to what’s going on, and our agents will investigate - all without you having to submit a support request.

To report a suspicious Bird in-app, please: 

1) Tap on any Bird you want to report.
2) Tap on "More Options".

3) Scroll down and tap on "Report".
4) Write in a detailed description of the suspicious activity so we can investigate and follow up.

When you report a Bird in the app for suspicious or fraudulent behaviour, it eventually flags Chargers for our review. Reporting a Bird is by far the most helpful thing you can do to combat fraud in your community, and we actively monitor these reports and use the data for warnings and terminations. If you see suspicious activity, report it, and we’ll take any actions necessary.


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