How to Find Birds

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Charger Mode

When your Charger account is activated, you'll be able to enter the Charger Mode in the Bird app. Once in Charger Mode, new menu options will be available. These options will help you through the Charging process. Please only use Charger Mode when you intend to Charge.


When you are ready to make money, tap FIND BIRDS to see all available Birds.

Understanding the Icons in FIND BIRDS

Icons display the unique price associated with each Bird when successfully captured, charged to 100%, and released by 7:00 AM the following morning.

The price and colour of the icons indicate how difficult the Bird will be to locate. New Chargers should focus on locating Green and Yellow Birds as they are the easiest to find.

Selecting A Bird

To view information about a particular Bird, tap the icon. A white banner will appear at the bottom of your screen containing more details:

  1. The first half of the 4 digit Bird ID: the Bird ID is a unique series of 4 letters and/or numbers
  2. The current battery percentage
  3. The distance between you and the Bird
  4. The quoted price you will earn for charging that Bird to 100% and releasing it before 7:00 AM the following morning

*Charger Pro-Tip*

You can look for Birds to Charge at any point throughout the day. However, most Birds become available around 9:00PM local time. As soon as a Bird icon appears on the Charger Map, it means that Bird is available for Capture! Regardless of when you Capture a Bird, you will always release it the following morning between 4:00AM and 7:00AM.

 Tap on the white banner at the bottom of your screen to view additional options: Capture, Navigate to Bird, and More Options.

Learning More About Birds Before Capture

When you’ve identified Birds you’re interested in capturing, tap MORE OPTIONS to learn more information about the Bird. This includes the location data from the Bird, and the last time we got a location update. If this information is more than 6 hours old, it’s possible that it’s no longer accurate. 

Understanding the Bird’s Location

The Bird’s location on the map represents the last-known GPS location of the Bird.  Most of the time, this is where you’ll find the Bird. However, there are times where the Bird is no longer at the location indicated.

Birds with Red Icons are the most difficult to find. The longer it has been since the GPS location data has been updated, the less likely the Bird is to be at or near the pin location.

If you’ve arrived at the pin location of a Bird and you’re having trouble locating it, tap Alarm (with your Bluetooth enabled) and the Bird will make noise. You can use this as a guide to the Bird's location. If you can’t locate the Bird and can’t hear the Alarm, tap MARK MISSING to let other Chargers know the location information is not accurate.

Birds that cannot be located by the Charger community will be removed from the map. 

While looking for Birds, do not enter any private or public property for which you do not have full authorisation to enter.

Navigate to Bird

If you are in need of driving instructions to a particular Bird's pin location, you can select the Navigate to Bird option. This will prompt you to open your preferred navigation application (such as Apple Maps, Google Maps, Waze, etc.) and direct you to the pin.

How to Capture

Once you find an available Bird in the wild, you will be able to capture it. To capture a Bird, scan the Bird's QR code or enter the Bird ID listed beneath it.

Your Bird has been successfully captured if it displays in the 
MY TASKS section of the menu. Please note: if you come across a Bird in the wild and are unable to capture it, it is probably not available for Chargers. You should not put a Bird in your vehicle or transport it back for charging unless the Bird is captive and in your MY TASKS list view.  

There are several reasons why a Bird cannot be captured, including:

  • The Bird is only available for Riders
  • The Bird is damaged and waiting to be repaired
  • The Bird is offline and can’t communicate with our servers

*Charger Pro-Tip*

When in the wild, it’s important that you only capture Birds which you can fully charge and release by 7 AM the following day. Please do not capture more Birds than you have the ability to charge overnight.



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