How to capture a Bird

Switch Charger Mode ON and locate Birds that are available for capture. They will show up on the charger map as different colours - Green, Yellow and Red.

When you have encountered a Bird located on the charger map, you must first scan the Bird QR code or enter the 4-5 digits Bird ID to capture it.

After that your Bird has successfully been captured if it has been populated on your MY TASKS view. 


 Please note, if you come across a Bird and are unable to capture it, it is probably not available in Charger Mode. If you find a Bird that doesn’t appear on the charger map, do not attempt to take it. This can happen for multiple reasons:

-The Bird is currently available for rider use
-It is a repair Bird and is waiting to be serviced

It is important that you only capture Birds that you have the capacity to fully charge and release by 7:00 AM the following day. Please do not capture more Birds than you have the ability to charge overnight.

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