Ride Pass

Below are some topics to help you learn more about Ride Passes.


What is a Ride Pass

A Ride Pass allows you to purchase a benefit that you can use for a certain period of time.

Eg. Buying a Ride Pass which provides you with no start fee during the week.


Can I have more than one Ride Pass?

No, only one Ride Pass can be applied to a rider account at a time.


Is this Ride Pass available everywhere?

Not yet. Ride Passes are currently only available in select markets. We’ll be sure to let you know when there are new Ride Passes available in their area.


How long will the Ride Pass be available?

The length of the Ride Pass varies based on the ride pass which was purchased by the user. See more information about the Ride Pass you purchased in the promo section of the Bird app.


Payment Method.

For payment information check out the Payment method page. If you change your payment method to  Apple Pay, Google Pay, or if you use a different card than what you did previously, we will bill that payment option moving forward for your rides.

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