I charged a Bird all night, but it’s still at 0%

When you encounter a potentially damaged Bird, please proceed as normal: Capture, Charge, and Release at a Nest location in the morning. In this case, please refer to the indicator light located on the power kit to assess the Bird’s charge level. If the kit displays a red light, the Bird is still charging. If the light is green, that Bird is charged and ready for release.

If you don't see payment after releasing to a Nest, please submit a request below with the following information:

1) Bird ID(s)
2) An explanation of the issue
3) A photo of battery pack when Bird is plugged in
4) A photo of the Bird in a Nest, along with the address. 

If the “damaged” option isn’t there, that means that it has already been marked, and one of our mechanics will take care of it.

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