Viewing Your Earnings

Quick Action

  • View your Earnings by going to Menu > EARNINGS
  • Your earnings are split up by day
  • The percentage indicates your percentage of task completed


Viewing Earnings

To view your earnings, switch into Charger Mode, and tap on EARNINGS. Earnings populate when a Task has been completed (your Birds have been released into a Nest). Your earnings report is filtered out by Day, Birds Charged, and your Bonuses (if applicable).  

The DAILY SUMMARY shows how much you will receive, in total, for that Task. For a more detailed view of your payout, you can click into a specific day to see how much you earned for each specific Bird. 

Should you have received a bonus payout on that day, it will be a separate line item within your earnings report as BOUNTY. Note: bonuses may take up to 48 hours to process. If you do not see your bonus within 24 hours, please contact Charger Support.  


Information Displayed

A example of an earnings page can be seen below. The following information is shown in your daily detailed view of your earnings (reference the first line item in the photo for data reference):

  • Date and time of Completed Task (20/02/2018, 06:41 AM)
  • The Bird ID (BIRD)
  • Quoted price & percentage of task Completed (£4.30 x 100%)
  • Payout Amount (£4.30)




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