Bird+ Terms and Conditions

In some cities Bird+ Subscription may be available via the Bird App. The subscription price together with any limitations (such as maximum number of rides during each subscription period or maximum duration of the rides) will be communicated to you within the App. 

To see what Bird+ Subscriptions options are currently available to you:

  • Open the App and go to Menu.
  • Click on “Bird+” in the side menu.
  • Check the options available and related terms of the subscriptions.
  • Follow the in-app prompts to purchase the Bird+ subscription or to start a free trial.  

Rider may start a 30 day Bird+ free trial and will only be charged for your Bird+ Subscription at the end of the free trial if not cancelled. Only one free trial per device is allowed

Bird+ Subscription is subject to auto-renewal unless you notify Bird about exercising your right to cancel the Bird+ Subscription.

You can cancel Bird+ Subscription at any time in the App (Menu > Bird+ > Your active Bird+). Subscription will terminate effectively with the end of the current renewal period and you will not be entitled to any refund for the remainder of the current renewal period. The Bird+ Subscription will continue to be available to you until the end of the current period.

If cancellation takes place during free trial, benefits end immediately. 

All use of Bird vehicles remains subject to the applicable Rental Agreement.

Note that:

  • Bird+ Subscription can only be used by the purchaser on the device it was purchased on, and may not be shared or used to activate rides for others. 
  • Bird+ Subscription is only available in select markets, and may only be used in such markets where purchased. 
  • Bird+ Subscription may not be used for commercial purposes (e.g. delivery services).
  • Bird+ Subscription cover rides that start after the Bird+ Subscription purchase.
  • For Group rides the host’s ride is covered by the Bird+ Subscription. Guest rides are not covered by Bird+ Subscription and guest’s rides are charged per regular rate.
  • Rides that last longer beyond the included times per ride are charged the regular rate. 
  • If your ride is shorter than the maximum duration the unused time of the ride will not carry over.
  • Bird+ Subscription cannot be combined with any other promotions.
  • Bird+ is not refundable unless terminated during the trial period. 
  • Fraudulent, abusive or excessive use in violation of your Rental Agreement or these terms may result in termination of your Bird+ Subscription and the remaining balance is deemed to be forfeited.
  • Bird+ Subscription reservations that are canceled, expired and do not result in a ride are not covered. You are responsible for canceled/expired reservation charges.

What is a Bird+ Subscription?

A Bird+ Subscription is a prepaid product subject to automatic auto-renewal that allows you to utilize Bird vehicles at a discounted rate and get additional benefits.

The Bird+ Subscription will be automatically renewed for the same length of time as the original Bird+ Subscription period and will continue indefinitely until you cancel your Bird+ Subscription before the next auto-renewal date.

For example, a Monthly Unlock Pass Subscription may provide you with no start fee for a one month (30 day) period and after a one month the Pass will be renewed for a one month (30 days) period unless you cancel the subscription before the next auto-renewal date.

Can I have more than one Bird+ Subscription?

No, only one Bird+ Subscription can be applied to a rider account at a time.

Is Bird+ Subscription available everywhere?

Not yet. Bird+ Subscriptions are currently only available in select markets. We’ll be sure to let you know when there are new Bird+es available in your area. Bird+ can only be used in your country of purchase.

How long will the Bird+ Subscription be available?

If you have purchased a Bird+ Subscription, it will stay in effect for the specified period and will be subject to automatically auto-renewal for the same length of time as original subscription period and will continue indefinitely until you exercise your right to cancel the Bird+ Subscription. See more information about the Bird+ Subscription you purchased in the promo section of the Bird app.

Bird reserves the right to discontinue the availability of the Bird+ Subscription program or any particular type of Bird+ Subscription, or to modify the pricing or other terms of the Bird+ Subscription, including eligibility criteria, at any time and in its sole discretion by providing you with 14 days prior notice. You shall have the right to cancel the Rider Pass Subscription should you not wish to continue with the modified terms.


The subscription purchase price together with any other limitation on the Bird+ Subscriptions will be communicated to you within the App prior to your purchase. The subscription fee is pay in advance.

Subscriptions cannot be used together with other promotional offers or other discounts. From time to time Bird may offer discounts on subscription price. Such discounts or promotions are one time offer and for a limited time only. For more details, please check the App.

Payment Methods

Purchase of a Bird+ Subscription is completed as a separate transaction using your preferred payment method rather than a deduction from your Bird Wallet. For payment information check out the Payment method page. If you change your payment method to Apple Pay, Google Pay, or if you use a different card than what you did previously, we will bill that payment option moving forward for your rides.

If your payment method is declined, Bird will make several attempts to collect any fees due or outstanding to Bird from your payment method and will prompt you for a new payment method, but Bird reserves the right to terminate your Bird+ Subscription or restrict your use of the Bird+ Subscription at any time until it is satisfied you have sufficient funds on your payment method.

If your payment method becomes invalid, or if the subscription fee is refused for any reason, you must provide us with a new eligible payment method within 24 hours of the refusal, or your Bird+ Subscription will be cancelled and/or the use will be restricted. You will not be refunded for any period of time your payment method is invalid.


The Bird+ Subscription may be unavailable or interrupted from time to time for reasons beyond Bird’s control. Bird is not responsible for any error, inaccuracy, interruption, defect, deletion, delay or destruction resulting therefrom.



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