Can I pay for rides with cash?

Yes, if you are an android user, you are able to load a cash balance onto your Bird account at participating retailers. This is not yet available to iOS users. Find answers to your questions below: 

How does cash pay work?

If cash pay is available in your region for your account, you will see an Add Cash button on your Payments screen. 

Cash pay is simple:

  • Find a participating retailer
  • Tell the cashier you’d like to load a cash balance, and show them a barcode on your phone
  • Give the cashier money that you’d like to add to your account balance 
  • Start riding your new balance

Where can I pay with cash?

Search for local merchants on this map.

I’m having a problem scanning my barcode.

If you’re having issues with cash pay, try the following:

Turn up your screen’s brightness. Rotate the screen to make the barcode larger


How long will it take for my balance to appear on the app?

Your balance be added to your account within a few minutes of completing the transaction.

Your device needs a wifi or data connection for the balance to appear.

How can I get a refund?

We are not able to refund cash, but can assist you with your ride through support.

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