Riding best practices

Here’s a quick overview of how to start, ride, and park a vehicle, as well as information on responsible riding. Keep in mind that you can also view this information in the app by tapping “How to Ride” in the main menu.

Find the nearest vehicle in the app and tap “Ride" to start a ride. You can scan the QR code on the handle of the vehicle or enter the four or five-digit vehicle ID below the code.

Press the “Unlock” button to unlock the vehicle prior to riding. For e-scooters, pPush off with one of your feet (like a skateboard) to get rolling, then use your right thumb to press the throttle and accelerate. For e-bikes, pedal the bike to get rolling, and the e-assist will activate.

When riding, make sure to follow all local traffic laws. Once you end your ride, leave your vehicle in a designated parking spot, near bike racks or on a curb outside public pathways. Make sure to end your ride within the operational area, as well as to avoid no parking zones. To see the zones, open the Bird app and reference the different colored areas on the map. No parking zones are highlighted in red.

When you’re done, tap “Lock” and “End Ride” to finish your trip.


Safety is our top priority at Bird. Riders must be 18 years or older and we encourage all riders to wear a helmet. Individuals can report irresponsible behavior knowing that we investigate every report that is submitted and take necessary action to keep our platform—and streets—safe.

If you still have questions, please message support via "submit a request". We are happy to help!

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