Starting/ending your ride and parking your vehicle

To start a ride, scan the QR code on the vehicle or manually enter the four- to five-digit code written beneath the QR code. Press "Unlock." Once the time starts, manually kick push the vehicle like you would a non-electric scooter to get it moving, then press down on the throttle. From there, the vehicle will be fully electric. Repeat the kick-push process if at any point you come to a complete stop. 

If you are riding an e-bike, once the time starts, begin to pedal like you would a non-electric bike to get it moving. The e-assist will activate. Pedal to start the bike again if at any point you come to a complete stop.

To end your ride, review the local parking rules and verify you're in an approved parking location. The vehicle must not obstruct handicapped accessibility or pedestrian or vehicle traffic

Step-by-Step Instructions

How to Ride: Scooter

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How to Start

How to Stop

Where to Ride

Safety Tips

Get on your vehicle, push off with your preferred foot, then push the lever down to get rolling.

Squeeze the brake with your hand to slow down. 

Ride in bike lanes and keep sidewalks clear for pedestrians.

Wear a helmet to stay safe while riding. Be sure to follow all local traffic laws.


The in-app tutorial, accessible when attempting to ride a vehicle, includes local parking regulations. Make sure to read it when visiting other cities. 

How to Ride: Bike

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Adjust Your Seat

How to Ride

Activate Pedal Assist

How to Park

Safety Tip

Squeeze the lever under the seat to adjust the height to an appropriate position. 

Pedal to get started. Use the brakes on the handlebars to slow or come to a stop.

Once you get up to speed, the Electric pedal assist will kick in, making riding a breeze. 

Push the kickstand down with your foot and pull the vehicle back firmly to set it in place.

Wear a helmet, ride in bike lanes, and follow all local traffic laws.






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