Report a vehicle that needs to be picked up

How to report In the App

We always want to make sure our Birds are properly parked. Should you come across a Bird that needs to be picked up due to , please contact our team through the “Community Mode” feature in your Bird App by pressing on the triangle at the bottom left-hand side of your map. While submitting, you will be asked to select the issue you are reporting as well as the specific reason for the issue. This feature immediately reports vehicles in need of attention directly to our team.

How to report via our formI

f you do not have our app downloaded, you can easily request this retrieval through our form. Please use our Bird Retrieval Form and provide as much detail as you can Here

How to report via support 

Alternatively, you can send a message to our support team by clicking "submit a request" below with the following information and we are happy to process this request on your behalf:
- Your email address
- Reason for retrieval
- Address of the Bird’s location (include city)

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