Getting Started FAQ's

How long does it take to receive power supplies?

Once you've been approved to be a Charger, you will receive a shipping confirmation email, and your power supplies will be delivered within 3-5 business days.


I still haven't received my power supplies

Please check the email confirming your order has been shipped. Refer to the tracking number included in the email. If it's marked as delivered but you haven't received the package, please contact your shipping provider. 


How many Birds can I charge per day?

We encourage that you capture only as many Birds as you’re able to release with a full charge by the next day at 7AM.


When can I capture Birds?

Birds are available for pick up throughout the day as long as they appear on the Charger Map. To ensure same-day payment processing, your Birds should be released the following morning between 4am-7am, regardless of pick up time.


Can I pick up Birds and drop them off the same day?

Birds are available for pick up throughout the day as long as they appear on the Charger Map. Regardless of when the Bird is captured, we encourage Chargers to hold onto their Birds until the following morning by 7AM.


How big are the Birds?

Bird scooters weigh 11-15kg. The dimensions are 108 (L) x 43 (W) x 114cm (H).


Do Birds Fold?

Birds do not fold.


How much does it cost to fully charge scooters at home?

Birds typically cost between £0.10 - £0.20 for a full charge, depending on your local electricity rates. 


How do payments work?

We process payments via direct deposit same-day for all Birds charged and released before 7 AM. Any Birds released after 7 AM will take an extra day to process. While we initiate payments same-day, it can take a couple of extra days for payment to post in your account, depending on your banking institution.

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