What is Release Birds?

RELEASE BIRDS is a map feature that allows you to find and reserve Nests  at which Birds can be released in the morning. The RELEASE BIRDS feature helps make dropping Birds easy and straightforward.

What are Nests?

  • Nests are pre-designated locations where Birds can be dropped off in the mornings after they are charged.

Can I create my own Nests?

  • Bird has a specialised team that creates Nests in communities where Birds have been deployed, but you can make Nest requests by messaging us via HELP.

How will Nests look in the app?

  • All available Nests (drop locations) are visible in the app as grey icons.
  • Each Nest icon on the map has a number on it., This number represents the quantity of Birds that can be dropped into the Nest.
  • Nests can be reserved for up to 30 minutes. If you reserve a Nest, the icon will appear Purple in your Release Birds map.
  • If another Charger claims a Nest, it will disappear from your Release Birds map to prevent multiple claims.

How do Nests work?

  • In Charger mode,  select RELEASE BIRDS from the menu to see a map of Nests nearby.
  • Select a Nest, and select MORE DETAILS to see the address, the exact location, and a picture of the Nest.
  • Once you have arrived at the Nest, find the pictured location from the Nest Details to set up your captive Birds as shown. Once set up, select RELEASE, verify which Bird IDs should be released, and tap on all captive Birds that are in the Nest. Press RELEASE again, snap a photo of the Birds in the Nest, and Chirp Chirp, your Birds are released!



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