How to Charge Birds

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Keeping Birds Safe While Charging

It’s up to you to find a safe place within your residence to charge Birds. The ideal place to charge Birds is in an enclosed garage on a clean concrete surface. Avoid charging Birds on carpeted surfaces.

Safety Requirements

You will be responsible for (or assume the risk of not) getting a certified electrician to review and approve your location for safely charging Birds before you start charging.  Do not overload any electrical circuit while charging a Bird; and provide reasonable spacing and ventilation of Birds while charging to prevent overheating of the Bird and Cords.

Power Supplies

Once you’ve completed the onboarding process via the BECOME A CHARGER option in the menu, you will be sent 3 power supplies. Additional Power Supplies will be unlocked and shipped automatically based on your ability to charge multiple times a week, releasing all your Birds by 7AM, and properly releasing fully charged Birds into the nests.

Keep charging and releasing by 7am and you should get a new shipment from us soon. 

To charge a Bird, you’ll need a Bird Power Cord and a Bird Power Supply.

To begin charging, plug the Power Cord into a standard outlet and connect to the Power Supply. Next, plug the Power Supply Cable into the Bird’s charging input. Depending on the Bird Model, the charging port is either located on the left side of the riding deck towards the front, or on the neck of the Bird. (pictured below)

Indicator Lights

  • A red light on the power supply indicates the Bird is currently charging
  • A green light indicates the Bird is fully charged

Checking Battery Levels

You can find the Bird’s Battery percentage in MY TASKS. For the most accurate information, please ensure:

  • You are in close proximity to the Birds
  • Your phone has good mobile reception
  • Your phone’s Bluetooth is on


You can refresh the information by swiping down on your list of Birds in MY TASKS.

*Charger Pro-Tip*

  • Keep your power supplies and Birds as organised as possible when charging to avoid forgetting to plug in a Bird.


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