How do promos and credits work?

Balance Auto Update plan

In some markets, you are prompted to select a Balance Auto Update Plan before starting your ride. Your selected plan will load onto your account as a credit balance that will apply to all rides. Whenever your balance reaches $0, we’ll automatically reload it with the selected plan using funds from your default payment method.

Sending a referral 

When sending a referral to a friend, you will both receive a coupon of up to $5. The coupon will be applied to your account as free ride credit once the person you invited completes their first ride. Make sure they add your referral code into the payment section of the app. Then the credit will automatically be applied to your next ride.

Receiving a referral

When receiving a referral for your first ride, make sure to enter the code into the payment section of the app. If you've already taken a ride or entered a previous promo code, you will not be able to submit another.

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