Ride zones

We partner with your local government to create operational zones, no-ride and no-park zones that follow their regulations.
Before starting a ride, we recommend viewing the map in your app in order to avoid routes that may take you through restricted ride or park zones or outside of the operational zone.   

Operational Zone

Operational zones are outlined in blue on the in app map. If you exit the blue zone, the vehicle may slow down and come to a stop. If a vehicle exits the operational zone, you will need to return it to the operational zone in order to continue and/or end the ride.

No Ride & No Parking Zones

You should also avoid red and grey areas on the map as both riding and parking may be restricted in these zones.

If you are ever uncertain, you can click on the zone in your app to see the specific description. 

Yellow Speed Zone

Slow speed zones are show on the app map in yellow.  If you ride into a Slow speed zone you will need to exit the zone to continue riding at the regular speed. Vehicle speed may vary in different parts of your city in order to comply with local regulations, please check the map to view different ride zones.


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