What is the Personal Rentals?

What is the Personal Rentals program?

Bird’s Personal Rentals program allows users to rent their own Bird for a flat monthly fee. As a renter, you have unlimited access to your rental, which means you can ride wherever, for however long you want. A rental subscription also comes with a power supply and a Bluetooth lock.

Where do I sign up for a personal rental?

At Bird, we’re continuously innovating and finding new ways to bring the promise of clean, lightweight electric-vehicle transportation to everyone. As part of this process, we are updating and reimagining our rental offerings, which means that we can no longer onboard new riders to the rental program.

We’d love to stay connected and keep you updated on future offerings and the new rental program once it’s rolled out. So stay in touch by joining our waiting list at rent.bird.co.

In the meantime, we encourage you to enjoy one of our shared Birds available in more than 100 cities around the world, or you can purchase a personal Bird for yourself at shop.bird.co.

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