I was overcharged on my Bird ride

Balance Auto Update Plan

In some markets, you are prompted to select a Balance Auto Update Plan before starting your ride. Your selected plan will load onto your account as a credit balance that will apply to all rides. Whenever your current balance reaches $0, we’ll automatically reload it with the selected plan amount using funds from your default payment method.


If you select a plan with a bonus, the bonus will automatically apply on your first ride. Please keep in mind the bonus will expire after 7 days.

You can find your total balance in the Payment section of the app. Please note, in Europe and the Middle East, it will expire in 2 years unless otherwise provided by local regulations.

Credit for overcharge

If you still think you were overcharged for a ride, please message support via the "submit a request" button with, the date of the ride in question, and an explanation on why you think you were overcharged.

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