What is a Flyer

Welcome to the Bird Flyer Program!

Our new Flyer Program allows you to get the most out of your Bird tasks, so you can increase your earning potential and unlock exclusive perks. You’ll also get paid on the same day by helping us keep our vehicles safe and ready to go for local riders. It’s available to all Bird users in areas with shared Birds, and it’s free to start.

To see all the details, check out your Bird app—just make sure you have the most up-to-date version.

What is a Flyer?

Flyers are independent contractors that start and complete individual tasks to make money and earn rewards. As a Flyer, you’ll help make sure that our vehicles are safe, charged, and readily available for riders.

As a Flyer, you can:

• Find available vehicles to capture, relocate, charge, and release.
• Get paid on the same day for completed tasks.
• Earn new types of tasks and payout opportunities with each level.

There are three levels in the Flyer Program that give you access to certain tasks:

Level 1 Flyer 

All new Flyers start out at Level 1 to learn the process. This gives you access to simple and quick tasks, so you can make money without needing extra space or special equipment.

Level 2 Flyer

After completing tasks frequently and following our guidelines, you can become a Level 2 Flyer. Level 2 Flyers can get access to special equipment and perform higher-paying tasks.

Level 3 Flyer 

Level 3 Flyers have access to special tasks, in addition to all the tasks from Level 1 and Level 2. As an expert, you’ll be offered more complex tasks with premium payout levels, and you’ll receive notifications about nearby vehicles so you can make even more money while you’re on the go.

How Do I Earn a Higher Status?

There are a few ways to put yourself at the top of the list to reach the next level:

• Always follow our community and safety guidelines.
• Always follow the Flyer Terms and Agreements policy.
• Complete tasks frequently and in high volume to build status quickly.
• Always release on time and avoid overdue tasks.
• Always release properly to a nest.
• Treat vehicles with care and avoid unnecessary damage.
• Be a considerate member of your community: Always follow local regulations, and let us know if you see any fraudulent behavior.
• Alert the support team of any issues you encounter.

What if I’m Already a Charger?

Existing Chargers will be transitioned to the Flyer Program with access to the same types of tasks they previously had. Performing tasks will stay the same, and existing Chargers will be given Level 2 Flyer status to begin. Level 3 Flyer status will be granted on an accelerated basis to high-volume and high-frequency Chargers that currently have access to special tasks, so you can quickly build your earning potential. Just keep in mind that you’ll need to have the latest version of the app to see these changes.

Can I Decline a Level Increase?

If you don’t want to receive additional tasks or level up your Flyer status, you can simply ignore the notification when you receive the offer. You’ll have the option in your Flyer menu to accept the offer if you change your mind later.

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