Level 3

Congratulations on reaching Level 3!

At this level, you’re eligible for special tasks:
(Special task pin image) (special task notification image)

What are special tasks?

Special tasks are a new task type that’s only available to Level 3 Flyers in select markets. These tasks have higher payouts and require Flyers to capture, charge or rebalance, and then release the vehicles.

How does it work?

Unlike move and charge tasks, special tasks do not appear as regular icons on the map for you to find at any time. Instead, if there’s a special task near your location, you’ll have exclusive access to accept and complete it.

How to enable special tasks.

If you’re a Level 3 Flyer and live in an area that offers special tasks, follow these steps to start receiving them:

• In your phone settings, set your location to Always Allow for the Bird app.
• Turn on Bluetooth.
• Activate push notifications.
• In the Flyer menu, turn on special tasks.
• Now you’re ready to receive special tasks.

Here are a few things to keep in mind when performing special tasks:

• You’ll receive a push notification when a special task is available.
• You’re the only one who’ll be able to see and capture the vehicle on the map.
• There’s a time limit, so capture the vehicle before it runs out.
• If the time expires, the task will no longer be available.
• If you arrive at the location and cannot physically see the vehicle, use Bird Finder to locate it.
• If you still can’t find the vehicle, complete the Cannot Access Report in the app (Missing, Private Property, Others), and we’ll do our best to resolve the issue.

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