Baus Vehicles

As a charger you can capture Bird vehicles and Baus vehicles. Baus vehicles look like this:


Bird vehicles and Baus vehicles have different icons on the map so you know which vehicle you are capturing. 



Once you capture the vehicle, Bird vehicles and Baus vehicles will be listed separately in your task list. 


When it’s time to release, your release map will look like this:


Make sure to release Bird vehicles in Bird nests and Baus vehicles in Baus Nests. 


If you experience an issue releasing your vehicles into a nest, we are here to help. Follow these steps to troubleshoot:

  1. Check that your vehicle is being released into the correct nest. 
  • If you are releasing a Baus vehicle, you can only release Baus vehicles in Baus nests
  • If you are releasing a Bird vehicle, you can only release Bird vehicles in Bird nests

If you try to release into the incorrect Nest, you may receive the following error:

mceclip4.png .                                    mceclip5.png

Note: If a vehicle is not released into the appropriate Nest, we will not credit your account.

  1. Check that Wi-FI and Bluetooth are enabled in your phone’s settings.
  2. Check that you have the most recent version of the app.
  3. If you complete the steps above and are still unable to release, please submit a ticket using Help in our app and provide us with the following information:
    • A quick explanation of the issue and a screenshot of any error that is preventing you from releasing your vehicles. 
    • A screenshot of your location on the map verifying that you're near a nest, like this: Please don’t just send the address of your location. 
    • Bird ID(s) that need to be released (photos or from My Birds list).
    • A photo of the vehicles you are attempting to release in the nest where you left them.

Once you provide the items above, there's no need to wait around for a response, and please, do not cancel any tasks. We'll take care of releasing your vehicles and will make sure you receive the appropriate credit.

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