Current Bird One Owners

How do I assemble my Bird One? 

Please refer to the user manual for assembly instructions.


How do I pair my Bird One?

To pair your device to your Bird One you will need to scan your Bird’s QR code. 

  1. Ensure your Bird is fully charged. 
  2. Ensure your phone is connected to Wi-Fi and Bluetooth is on; you will need both to connect to your Bird. 
  3. Open the Bird app and select the Ride button at the bottom of the screen.
  4. Aim your phone’s camera at the QR code located on the right handlebar and wait for the scan to complete.

You will receive a message that says ‘Welcome to your One.’ That indicates that your device has successfully paired to your Bird. 


How do I ride my Bird One?

To use the vehicle, you must use the Bird app associated with your account. Think of your Bird app as the key to your vehicle. You can use the app to see how far you can travel on any given charge and track your Bird. Plus, your vehicle will get even better over time with new features and functionality introduced via app updates. 

To use the vehicle, simply scan the 4-5 digit QR code of your Bird or locate the "My Bird" option in the menu. From there you can view your Bird and the controls available to you.

At the bottom of the screen slide to unlock your Bird. Manually kick-push the vehicle like you would a non-electric scooter to get it moving, then press down on the throttle. From there the vehicle will be fully electric.

Repeat the kick-push process if at any point you come to a complete stop.

You can ride wherever personal, micro-mobility vehicles are allowed. Local and regional rules apply. 

As the owner, it is at your discretion if you want to lock your vehicle or not. But we recommend that you lock your vehicle, just as you would a bicycle when it is parked outside.


How do I charge my Bird?

Charge the vehicle using the power supply provided when you received the vehicle. Do not use any other power supply or damage to vehicle may result. Always keep your vehicle plugged in and charging overnight — never let the battery run to 0. Normal electricity rates apply. 

Warning: NEVER attempt to charge a wet vehicle. Serious injury or death can incur


Where can I ride?

You can ride wherever personal, micromobility vehicles are allowed in your city. Always abide by existing local rules and regulations pertaining to riding micromobility vehicles. 

Per Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) guidelines, you may NOT transport your Bird on an airplane.


Can I still rent a shared vehicle?

Yes, you can still use the Bird app to rent shared dockless vehicles. Standard fees and the per minute rate apply.


Do I have to wear a helmet?

We strongly encourage you to wear a helmet and to follow local rules and regulations pertaining to riding micro-mobility vehicles.


Can I sell the vehicle?

Once you pay the total cost of the vehicle, you own it. Refer to the unpairing instructions in the user manual to transfer ownership. 


Returns and Exchanges

The refund policy can be found here.

If you would like to return or exchange your vehicle, please contact



Your Bird has built-in GPS location technology and advanced network connectivity allowing you to track your Bird. In cities where we operate, the Bird Hunter network can help track down your vehicle if it is lost. Message through the app for additional help!

If your vehicle is impounded please work with local law enforcement to recover your vehicle. Unfortunately, we cannot help.


How do I contact Affirm?

You can contact Affirm through


How long does it take to receive a Bird One after shipping?

Typically, your Bird One will arrive between 3-5 business days once the order has shipped.


How can I track the shipment?

Once your order has shipped, we will send a confirmation email and tracking number.


Can I pair multiple accounts with my Bird? 

At this time, a Bird One can only be paired with one device at a time - this allows for a secure connection between you and your vehicle.

  1. If you would like to connect the Bird One with another account, simply locate the "My Bird" option in the menu of your application and scroll down. 
  2. Near the bottom of the scroll, select "UNPAIR."
  3. Upon unpairing, scan the QR code of the Bird One with the new device.
  4. The Bird will pair and the "My Bird" option will be available on the new device.

Keep in mind, once you’ve unpaired your Bird One from your device it is available to anyone who scans it while unpaired.

Why am I receiving a message that says my Bird is 'Already Taken'?

If you scan your Bird One and receive the message, ‘This has already been taken.’ It means that another device is currently paired to that Bird One. To pair it back to your account follow these steps:

  1. The other device will need to locate the "My Bird" option in the menu of your application and scroll down. 
  2. Near the bottom of the scroll, select "UNPAIR."
  3. Upon unpairing, scan the QR code of the Bird One with the new device. 
  4. The Bird will pair and the "My Bird" option will be available on the new device

What is Sleep Mode?

Sleep Mode lets you completely power-down your Bird while helping to conserve its battery. Once Sleep Mode is activated, your Bird will no longer have a cellular connection, so you won’t be able to track its location or receive any alerts. Because of this, you should make sure that your Bird is secured indoors before leaving it in Sleep Mode.

We strongly advise to only use Sleep Mode when: 

  • You’re planning on not using your Bird for a few days
  • You need to perform a hard reset on your vehicle

How to activate Sleep Mode.

  1. Open your Bird app
  2. From the menu tap My Bird
  3. Hold your phone close to the handlebars
  4. Select Sleep and tap Continue on the next screen

How to wake up your Bird.

  1. Open the Bird app
  2. Tap My Bird on the home screen
  3. Hold your phone close to the handlebars
  4. Select Wake

After following the steps to wake up your Bird, you’ll see a progress bar that shows how long the process will take. Keep in mind that it may take up to five minutes to fully wake your Bird.

Note: Leaving your Bird in Sleep Mode for more than 40 days without charging may damage your vehicle. If you need to put it to sleep for more than 40 days, be sure to wake the Bird and charge it for 24 hours before putting it back to sleep.


Before Your Ride:


Before you fly be sure to check out the following! 

Check the brake for proper function. When you squeeze the lever, the brake should provide positive braking action.


Periodically inspect the tire for excess wear. Regularly check the tire pressure and inflate as needed.


Frame and Handlebars
Check for cracks or broken connections. It is possible for an aggressive rider to run into a curb
or object and wreck and bend or break a frame. Get in the habit of inspecting your scooter on a regular basis.


Hardware/Loose Parts
Before every ride, check all parts, such as nuts, bolts, cables, fasteners, etc., to ensure they are secure and assembled correctly. There should not be any unusual rattles or sounds from loose parts or broken components. If the product is damaged, do not ride.

Just with any bike, skateboard, car, motorcycle, etc. You won't need to lubricate the vehicle for tens of thousands of miles unless you get it extremely dirty/run it through saltwater often.


Safety Gear
Always wear proper protective gear, such as an approved safety helmet. Elbow pads and kneepads are recommended. We recommend wearing athletic shoes (lace-up shoes with rubber soles) and keep shoelaces tied and out of the way of the wheels, motor and drive system.

Laws and Regulations
Always check and obey any local laws or regulations.

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