Using Snooze

When Snooze is available, you can move your release due time to the next day—for times when you’re sick, have family obligations, or when there aren’t nests nearby.

When is Snooze available? 

Snooze is available occasionally, depending on the need for vehicles in your area. Please keep in mind that Snooze is not always available, so please release as normal if the icon does not display on the map.

How do I snooze? 

When you’re looking to snooze, simply tap the Snooze icon in the bottom right corner of your release map to skip releasing that day. You’ll be paid after release as usual, and you can still capture more vehicles if you want to and have not hit your task limit.

Can I request my tasks to be snoozed?

We may manually snooze your tasks for a valid reason, such as personal or app issues. We take into account how often you have requested to snooze due to personal issues, so please keep in mind that your request to get vehicles snoozed may be denied. For technical issues, you must include a screenshot of the problem you are experiencing.

Can I release before my due date once my tasks have been snoozed?

Yes! You can release your vehicles before the due time. Just make sure they are fully charged before releasing them.

What is Auto-Snooze?

On very rare occasions, we’ll automatically snooze your vehicles for you. When this happens, we will send you a push notification to let you know and automatically move your release due times forward by a day.   

When available, the Snooze icon will be visible in the bottom right corner of the Flyer map.







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