About Move Tasks


Move tasks are an easy way to earn extra cash with a lower time commitment than charge tasks. On the Flyer map, you’ll see move pins (below) next to some vehicles. Simply relocate these vehicles to nearby nests, which are typically only short distances away. The vehicles don’t need to be charged, just moved to an area where they can receive more rides.

Please keep in mind:

• Move Tasks are different from charge tasks and usually have a shorter release window. Be sure to check your due times for move tasks so you always release on time.
• If there is a wrench logo next to the move icon, you must release that vehicle into a damage nest.

If you do not release a move vehicle on time, the due date will be pushed to the next day, and you will need to charge the vehicle overnight, but the payout will not change. Keep in mind, however, that you can still capture more vehicles during this time.

After successfully completing a move task, payment will be initiated within one to three business days.

 Move pin 


Damage Move pin


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