Community Mode


What is Community Mode?

Community Mode is a feature that allows individuals to report or provide feedback on any vehicle-related issues such as poorly parked or damaged vehicles in their area. You can access Community Mode by tapping the yield sign on the bottom right of the Flyer map.

Use Community Mode to report:

• Damaged vehicles
• Irresponsible parking
• Fraudulent behavior, such as hoarding

If you come across or capture a damaged vehicle, please report it through Community Mode or contact us via the Help section in your app before you release it. This will allow us to mark the vehicle as damaged, so you can release it at a damage nest.

For more information on: Marking Vehicle Damaged on Community Mode

How to report fraudulent behavior.

If you notice any suspicious activity, like vehicles being hoarded, you can now report it through Community Mode. Simply tap the yield sign in the bottom right of the Flyer map and select Report Fraud. From there, draw a circle around the area of vehicles that you’d like to report, and provide us with details about the issue.

Reporting is by far the most helpful thing you can do for your community to combat fraud. In an effort to make our streets safer and more people-friendly, we actively monitor these reports and take any action necessary."

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