Weather Alerts

With constant weather changers, we want you to know that we're monitoring the weather on a daily basis so we can warn our Flyers and avoid any vehicle from being left out in poor weather conditions. 

Our Weather team will send out communications to all Flyers in affected areas, here are some different alerts that are good to know about:

Early Capture:

We will send out a message to inform Flyers that all vehicles are available to be captured or move earlier than usual that day, so keep an eye out for relevant communications and vehicles that appear on the Flyer map. Release as usual the following day before 7 a.m. 

No Release Today (Release Tomorrow/Cancelled Day):

There will be no releases that day, we will ask Flyers to hold onto vehicles and keep them safe inside. Release as usual the following day before 7 a.m. unless otherwise instructed.

Late Release:

If the weather is bad during release hours, but we are seeing that it will clear up later during the day, we will send communications to ask Flyers to hold onto vehicles and wait until further notice.  Please hold off on releasing vehicles until a following message is received stating that it's time to release them.


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