Task Limit

Your task limit is the total number of vehicles you can capture and release in one day. Your personal task limit will change based on your overall contractual compliance as a Flyer.

Increase your task limit with consistent and positive Flyer behaviors like:

• Releasing your vehicles correctly by the listed due time
• Taking quality release photos of your vehicles parked in nests
• Treating them with care so that they do not get damaged while in your possession

Behaviors that violate the Bird Flyer Services Agreement will decrease your task limit, including:

• Releasing your vehicles after they are due or outside of the release window
• All fraudulent activities (ex: hoarding vehicles, moving uncaptured vehicles or ride-ready vehicles, and recapturing unridden vehicles)
• Not properly placing the vehicles in the nest or bad release photos

Keep releasing vehicles on time, and your task limit will soon increase.


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