Vehicles with Physical Locks

Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Vehicles with a Physical Lock

How do I unlock a vehicle?

  1. Scan the vehicle to capture.
  2. Match the combination in the app to the physical lock.
  3. Hold top button to release the lock.
  4. Hold bottom button to retract cord.

How do I lock a vehicle when releasing?

  1. Scan the vehicle in the nest.
  2. While holding the bottom button, secure the cord around a pole or bike rack within the Nest.
  3. While holding the top button, insert the cord into the top right of the lock to lock the vehicle.
  4. Scramble combination.

What do I do if the lock is damaged?

If your vehicle's lock is damaged, report the damage via Community Mode. Once the vehicle is marked damage, please release your vehicle in a Damage Nest.

I can’t find a place to lock the vehicle. What should I do?

We have carefully chosen our nests locations to ensure that vehicles can be released near objects they can be securely locked-to while also making sure that our vehicles do not cause an obstruction.

I am not getting the code to unlock the vehicle

Please make sure your app is updated to the latest version. If you are still having issues, please contact us via the Help section.

The app is telling me to unlock the vehicle, but there is no lock on the vehicle?

Please snap photos of the vehicle missing its lock and the vehicle ID and contact us via the Help section in the app.

How do I take a proper Nest Release photo for these lock vehicles?

Make sure to securely lock your vehicle to a nearby street fixture and have the lock clearly visible in your release photo. You will receive a bad release rating if your vehicle is not visibly locked.

If you are releasing in the dark, please use the flash feature on your phone to make sure we can see the lock. 


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