Unable to Release Vehicle

Before you release, please make sure you have claimed a nest and are within a 15 to 30 foot radius of it.

Claiming a nest

Flyers can claim a nest by tapping Claim Nest in the app, which will reserve a nest for 30 minutes. If vehicles are not released at the nest location after 30 minutes, it will expire and reappear on the Flyer map for others to claim.

Claiming multiple nests

In select markets, we have a new feature to allow some Flyers to claim multiple nests for up to one hour based on the number of tasks in their task list. We’re currently testing this feature and are excited to continue to roll it out further.

How does multi-nest claim work?

If this feature is enabled in your city, once you claim an initial nest, you may have the option to claim additional nests. This can help you release faster and more easily without having to stop to claim nests repeatedly.

Unable to claim nest

If you're having trouble claiming a nest, it can either be that another Flyer already claimed that nest or it can be a network error. The process for claiming regular and damaged nests will remain the same.

Try force quitting the app and reopening it. If that doesn't help, update to the latest version of the app.

If you still can’t claim that specific nest, please locate another nest nearby and release your vehicles there instead.

Nests will disappear from the map once they are claimed. Flyers are able to reserve a nest for 30 minutes. After being claimed, nests will expire, and if vehicles have not been released at that nest location, it will reappear on the Flyer map for others to claim.

If you are seeing no nests on your Flyer app, please tap here.

Invalid Vehicle/Nest Error

You may be receiving an Invalid Nest Error because damaged and undamaged vehicles are not being released in their respective nests. Please make sure you are in the correct nest when releasing your vehicle. A red wrench indicates a damage nest, while a green circle indicates a regular nest on the map.

Release damaged vehicles in a damage nest, and release those that are not damaged in a regular nest. Please make sure your Bluetooth is on and that you are updated to the latest version of the app.

If you have a damaged vehicle, you can report it using Community Mode in the app, and we will mark it for repair.

Nest Distance Error

If you are experiencing a Nest Distance Error while releasing your vehicles, you may not be at the correct nest location or not within the nest radius. Please make sure you are within 15 to 30 feet of the nest you are trying to release your vehicles in. You may also need to update your app and enable Bluetooth.

If this issue occurs at multiple nests, try restarting your phone. Also, double-check that you are at the correct location on the Flyer map.

Still having trouble?

If you are still encountering issues with releasing, bring your vehicle(s) to the appropriate claimed nest, contact us via the Help section in the app, and provide us with the following information:

• A quick explanation of the issue and a screenshot of any error that is preventing you from releasing your vehicles—both are required
• A screenshot of your location on the map verifying that you're at the nest, not the address oMDjbkN.png
• ID(s) that need to be released
• A photo of the same vehicle(s) in the nest where you left them

Note: If you do not provide all requested documentation, we will not credit your account.




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