Updating Account Information

Account Information:

To update your name, email, phone number, you can update your information in either your Rider or Flyer Settings tab. If you need to update your address, write in through the Help tab of the Flyer section. 

Payment Method:

Contact us via the Help section in the app and we will remove your current payment information. Once we reset your payment information, you will then be prompted to enter your new payment information in the app. We urge users to enter banking information (including account number and routing number) as opposed to debit cards.

Note: Please do not disclose your banking or debit card information in your ticket. We will assist you in changing the information in the Bird app.

Social Security Number (North America only):

Contact us via the Help section in the app with the last 4 digits of your SSN, and we will update your information.

If a full Social Security Number is needed to further verify your account, we will have an agent contact you via phone.

IMPORTANT: Please do not include your full Social Security Number in the ticket.

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