Overdue Vehicles

Releasing vehicles by their due times is a critical part of being a Flyer. You can easily see when your vehicles are due for release by checking My Tasks in the Flyer app.

Any vehicles still captured after their assigned due time will become overdue and will automatically lock.

Why do I have an overdue vehicle?

If you do not release your vehicle by its designated due time, it will appear as overdue in My Tasks. Your vehicle's wheels will automatically lock until it is successfully released into a nest. If you have overdue vehicles in your tasks list, you won't be able to capture more until your overdue vehicles are released.

Why can’t I capture vehicles?

Check My Tasks in Flyer mode. If you have any vehicles that are overdue, you’ll need to release them into a nest before you’re able to capture again.

Why is my overdue vehicle locked?

Vehicles that are not released by their due time will automatically lock, so make sure to always release before your due time. Overdue vehicles will remain locked until they are released. When you have released the charged vehicles into a nest, you can start capturing again.

Will I still get paid for overdue vehicles?

Yes, you will be paid for vehicles that you have fully charged even when they are overdue. However, your earnings for vehicles released after their assigned due time may be decreased by as much as 50%.

What should I do if I can’t release my vehicle by the due time?

We understand that situations occur where you can’t release your vehicle by its due time. In these cases, please submit a ticket using our in-app Help feature, and we’ll be sure to reschedule your release time.

Note: It is important that you release your vehicles within 24 hours from the point of capture. Holding vehicles for over 24 hours can result in a payout of $0. Doing this consistently will have a negative impact on your ability to charge and can lead to the termination of your Flyer account.


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