Unidentifiable Vehicles

If the vehicle ID will not scan or cannot be found, check to see if there is a sticker located on the side of the vehicle near the kickstand. If you do find it, contact us via the Help section in the app and send us a clear picture of that sticker, specifically the one with the serial number (it should be the one on the left of the sticker). We may be able to identify the vehicle for you.

Unidentifiable vehicles

If you cannot find the sticker with the serial number, please take the vehicle home with you.

If you are in a city with damage nests, please bring the vehicle to one before its due time. You can find damage nests by looking for the wrench icon in the Flyer map. Once you’ve placed your vehicle at the damage nest, please submit a ticket using our in-app Help feature, and send a screenshot of your Flyer map showing that you were at a damage nest. Once we receive all this, we’ll credit your account.

If you are NOT in a city with damage nests, please confirm the address that you’ve brought the vehicle to and send a picture using our in-app Help feature. Once you’ve sent this info, we’ll forward it to our retrieval team. Please hold onto the vehicle until someone from our team reaches out to you.

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