Become a Flyer

How to Become a Flyer

The Flyer Program is only available in select markets. If you’d like to become a Flyer, please go to your app and look for the Become a Flyer option in the menu. If it’s available, you can sign up directly in the app.

Once you submit your signup form in an available market, Flyer Mode will be activated, and you’ll automatically gain Level 1 status.

Flyer Levels

All Flyers start at Level 1, but you can level up by completing tasks frequently and following community guidelines. With each status level, you can unlock additional task types and perks.

No Flyer Mode

If you signed up and still don’t see Flyer Mode in the app, force-quit the app and make sure both your device and the Bird app have the latest software updates. Then make sure that your email address is correct when logging in. If you’re still having issues, send us a ticket via Help in the app and we can try to troubleshoot.

Move Tasks

Level 1 Flyers will have access to move tasks. Complete move tasks frequently and on time to increase your chances of reaching Level 2.

Power Supplies

Once you’re approved for Level 2, we’ll send out instructions on how to obtain power supplies so you can start accepting charge tasks.

In order to charge, power supplies must be compatible with our vehicles. These can be purchased through our Flyer Shop. 

Please keep in mind that purchasing or owning power supplies does not automatically qualify you for Level 2. You will be instructed on how to obtain power supplies via text message once you unlock Level 2. 

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