How to Find Vehicles

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Flyer mode

When you switch to Flyer mode in the app, new menu options will be available. These options will help you with completing tasks. Please only use Flyer mode when you plan to complete tasks.

Find Birds page

When you’re ready to capture, switch to Flyer mode to see all the vehicles that are available.

Selecting a vehicle

Each task type will be indicated by a different type of icon. To view information about a particular vehicle, you can tap the icon. A white banner will appear at the top of the screen, and the icon will expand with more details.

Banner details:

Ridden: Time when the vehicles were last ridden.
Located: The last time the vehicle sent location data. It is possible that this information is no longer accurate if it is more than six hours old.
Price: How much you can earn by completing the task.

Icon Details:

  • The current battery percentage

  • The first half of the vehicle ID, which is a unique alphanumeric code

Vehicles will become available throughout the day for various tasks, so be sure to check the Flyer map when you’re ready to capture and complete tasks. A vehicle icon will appear on the Flyer map when it’s available for capture.

Understanding the Vehicle's Location 

The vehicle's icon on the map represents its last-known GPS location. Usually this is where you’ll find the vehicle. However, there are times when the vehicle is no longer at the indicated location. The longer it’s been since the GPS location data has been updated, the less likely the vehicle is to be at or near the pin location.

If you’ve arrived at the pin location of a vehicle and it's not there, you can tap the alarm button (with Bluetooth enabled on your phone), and the vehicle will make a sound. You can use this to guide you to the vehicle's location. If you can’t locate the vehicle or hear the alarm, please select the Mark Missing feature in the Bird app to inform other Flyers that the location is no longer accurate.

Vehicles that cannot be located by the Flyer community will be removed from the Flyer map.

Note: Unless you have explicit authorization, please DO NOT enter any private or public property when looking for vehicles.

Navigate to a Vehicle

If you need driving instructions to a particular vehicle's pin location, choose to Navigate to Bird by tapping the paper airplane icon. This will prompt you to open your preferred navigation app (i.e. Apple Maps, Google Maps, Waze, etc.) and direct you to the pin.

How to Capture 

Once you find an available vehicle, you can go ahead and capture it. To capture a vehicle, scan its QR code or tap Bird ID to manually enter the vehicle ID listed below the QR code. 

If you come across a vehicle with no ID or QR code, please refer to:
I Can't Scan or Find the Vehicle ID

Your vehicle has been successfully captured if it displays in My Tasks. 



Note: If you’re unable to capture a vehicle, it’s most likely not available for Flyers. Please do not take a vehicle or transport it unless the vehicle is captive and in your My Tasks list.

There are several reasons why a vehicle cannot be captured:

• The vehicle is only available for riders.
• The vehicle is damaged and waiting to get repaired by a mechanic.
• The vehicle is offline and can't communicate with our servers.

Moving vehicles without capturing may have a negative impact on your ability to charge and violates the Services Agreement—such vehicles may be considered stolen property. We reserve the right to pursue legal remedies against violators, including working with authorized retrieval teams and law enforcement.

Flyer pro tip: When in the wild, it’s important that you only capture vehicles that you can move or fully charge and release on time. Please do not capture more vehicles unless you are certain that you can release them before due times.






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