How To Use Your Unique Code

The unique code you received via email is case sensitive, so make sure that whoever you give it to enters it into their app exactly how it appears.

How can I apply the code?

Have a friend select “Charge with Bird” in the menu and go through the sign-up process. After they have finished the sign-up process, the person you refer must enter your full code in the settings page of their Bird app after their name (example in image C below). Don’t forget to have them click ‘save’ in the upper right corner to ensure you get full credit for the referral. To get to the setting page, follow the step by step images below (images A, B, & C).

 IMG_1807.PNG . IMG_1808.PNG    File__4_.jpg

Who can I send it to?

Anyone signing up for the first time as a Charger with Bird. You can refer as many friends as you want, the more the merrier!

How do I get paid?

Your referral must sign up as a charger using your code (see “How can I apply the Code”), charge and release at least 6 Birds in accordance with the service agreement. You both receive an extra payment of 50€ within 5 working days after your referral successfully finishes 6 Tasks before 11/24. This referral program only applies to those invited to participate and ends on 11/24. 

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